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Meet Our Team

The providers and nurses that staff Children's Urgent Care Centers are experts in the care of children, from using unique techniques or procedures to using special equipment to displaying expertise in easing the pain and anxiety that come with children's emergencies.

Clinical Service Chief
David M. Tolo, M.D., FAAP, PEM


Rosanne Bosch, MD
Michael J. Dulac, MD
Emmanuel Eugenio, MD
Susan L. Fellman, MD
Corey Joekel, MD
Daniel Leonard, MD
Brandi Reeve-Iverson, MD
Natalie Stuntz, MD
Laurie Berglund, APRN-NP
Cheryl Calabro, APRN-NP
Cathy Carrico, APRN-NP
Debbie Gartin, APRN-NP
Tara Goodman, APRN-NP
Reba Grovijohn, PA-C
Mandee Hall, APRN-NP
Kelsie Morgan, PA-C

Dawn Renshaw, APRN-NP
Kelsey Stoysich, PA-C
Paige Trasch, PA-C
Chelsey Turner, APRN-NP
Amy Walton, APRN-NP
Linda Wardell, APRN-NP

Patient Care Manager
Brittney Gunderson, BSN, RN, CPN

Chief Administrative Officer
Megan Connelly, DNP, APRN-NP, CPNP-AC/PC, CNML 

Cortney Gieselman, BSN, RN, CPN
Kari Hamrick, RT (R)
Terry Lindstrom, RT (R)